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10 July 2019


Email only, please. DM’s (for commissions) will be disregarded. 



Commissions will all be full color.

Slots available: 

  • Heads (no background) ~$100

    • Head portraits. Neck up.

  • Portraits (half, no background) ~$250

    • Busts. Waist up.

  • Portraits (full body, no background) ~$500

    • Full body portraits.


Any additional elements (animals, plants, additional people, simple background, etc.) will be factored in with the additional costs decided by the artist).


Prices listed here are relative and not set in stone. It is just to give the client a vague idea of the general price range. Ultimately, the price will be decided by the artist. 


Prices will vary by no higher than 45% of the full price based on complexity and will be decided by the artist. 

  • Ex: If the artist decides something in the commission is complex enough to increase the price, the additional cost will be no more than 45% of the full price. 

    • Ex: Head portrait ($90) + jeweled crown ($90x0.45) = $90 + $40.50

      • 45% of $90 = $40.50

      • complexity fee = $40.50

      • total = $130.50

        • $90 + $40.50


Additional heads/bust/full body is automatically an additional 50% of the full price of the corresponding portrait type.

  • Previously stated pricing variations (such as on complexity) will still apply on the additional heads/busts/full body if relevant. 



  1. I, the artist, will receive an email, and if I accept the commission work, I will tell you the info on how this will work (so basically this whole list) and we start the transaction. 

  2. An exchange on what we want (color palette, subject, composition, an ETA, etc.)

  3. I get paid 50% of the full payment upfront through PayPal upon agreement between the client and me.

  4. I start drawing, then send the sketch. 

  5. I receive feedback/approval.  

    1. I send back the revised sketch. 

    2. I get final sketch approval. 

  6. I lay down the rough base color, then send it. 

  7. I receive feedback/approval. Nothing major (sketch) can be changed at this point. 

    1. I send back the revised color. 

    2. I receive feedback/approval. 

  8. I send progress shots if requested. Nothing major can be changed at this point (the sketch or overall color palette) Minor fixes are okay. 

  9. I paint, and finish, then send the final product via email to the client. 

  10. I receive my payment in full through PayPal.



If the commission is recalled by either the artist or the client in the preliminary sketch stages, the client is refunded 30% of the upfront payment. 


If the commission is recalled by either the artist or the client in the coloring stages, the client is refunded 15% of the upfront payment.



Pay through PayPal. 



Copyright of the commission will be retained by the artist, whether the commission ends up finished or unfinished.


The artist reserves all rights of reproduction and all copyrights to the commission and the preliminary designs, which includes the sketch and rough stages of the commission. 


The artist’s signature will be present on the commission. On the event that the commission will be presented online, the artist’s watermark will be present as well.

Thank you!

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