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"sanctis Apostolis omnibus Sanctis"


The presence of Christianity and the religion's historical longevity and reach in all manners of society and the arts is, needless to say, not something to be overlooked when studying art, history, or the combination thereof. Whether East or West, the religion held a plethora of influence and continues to do so to this very day.


In the extensive span of time that history has continuously allotted to Christianity, we see the undying and timeless embodiments of the religion through the saints and their stories. The faces and feats of these saints have endured the passage of time, leaving behind for the rest of us a sense that something iconic had been created. Their physical vitality may be no more, but their memorable essence is still kept alive by the very religion they died for. 


'Sanctus' is a visual and allegorical exploration into figures of consecration throughout history and the Bible--figures who had unknowingly changed the course of history in the name of divine Providence, as well as the diffusion of local mythos and their assimilation into the many branches that Christianity had spread throughout the ages. Although some of the concepts don't directly show up in Scripture, naturally, they are still something to be acknowledged.


notes on the verses

Uplifting and powerful in a mysterious way, the verses leave quite an impression as the saints of old must have experienced in their own times. The verses provide an invaluable link with each holy figure, as one can relate to each miraculous situation through Scripture. They represent indomitable triumph even in the face of inescapable opposition, victory in unfathomable ways, and a faith unaffected by vitriol antagonism. 


Did the art come first, or did I come across the strangely apt verses before an idea had even begun forming? Hard to tell; it seemed like everything felt right once I had both the verses and artwork in front of me. Certain key phrases had sparked an idea, others only strengthened my conviction even more. 


Truth be told, it is difficult for me to express everything I want through words. Maybe that's why the art exists.

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